May 15, 2007

OTP (2), Days 6-57 (i.e. the present) -- Krakow, London, Lexington, Mexico, Lexington, Tulsa, Lexington...

In response to your kind queries, I am not any of the following:

  • dead
  • kidnapped
  • protesting against the blogosphere
  • in witness protection
  • suffering from amnesia and thus unable to remember my password for Blogger

I am, however, all of the following:

  • raising a toddler
  • working with Communality
  • buying a house
  • selling a house
  • studying
  • traveling
  • feeling guilty about ignoring this blog
  • still reading and enjoying all of yours

Sorry for the long absence! If you've actually kept checking the blog during the drought, I appreciate it. Scroll down for the rest of the OTP (2) entries, which I started but never finished (and a few which I've amended). And keep checking -- lots of exciting things have been happening, all of which are blog-worthy.