Sep 19, 2006

Finding a Rhythm

I seem to get all these great ideas for blog posts, but can't seem to find the time to get them done. Sound familiar to anyone else?

After 13+ months of motherhood, I finally seem to be creating a good, sustainable rhythm for my days and weeks. Whereas I spent last year studying in 1-2 hour bursts between feedings and naps (and generally accomplished very little on my thesis), we've arranged for me to have 4-6 hour study blocks, three days in a row. This is incomparably better; I'm much more productive and don't feel like I'm just spinning my wheels. I've also printed out my thesis outline (with subtopics) and taped it to my study carrel, where I can check off papers as I complete them. Plato? Check. Aristotle? Check. Stoics? Check. Hauerwas? Check. MacIntyre? Check. One hundred others? Not yet...

Sometimes I can't imagine how I'll transition from this endeavor to teaching ethics. I don't see how I'll get my intellectual shit together, so to speak, and have anything coherent to contribute. I read the blogs of other folks in academia, or in the Emergent conversation, and they seem to sound so much... further along. I need to remind myself that finishing my thesis is the task before me right now, and that when I get to the next step, I'll probably be as prepared as the next PhD flunkie.

This new rhythm is also good for my relationship with the Crunchie. Now, when I leave the library, I leave my work there and don't worry about it at home. So, from 3 PM on Wednesday to 9 Am on Monday, I can focus on the girl, and the hubby, and the community.

Now, I just need to find a rhythm for exercising and cleaning house. Any suggestions?

Sep 18, 2006

Uh oh, she's catching on

Not so smooth a departure from Kids Day Out this morning. We think she's realizing that when we leave, we leave and don't return for several hours. She was crying when we left. :-(

Sep 12, 2006

Exciting New Frontiers

Now really, almost any post about a 13 month old could have this title, right?

This week's exciting achievement is that Miranda has begun to attend Mother's Day Out! Yes, she will bravely be facing down adults and kiddos alike, every Monday from 9am-2pm at the nearby Methodist Church. She seemed excited when we arrived, didn't burst into tears when we left, and did really well overall. She cried a bit when another child got upset, but recovered with the administration of chicken, pasta, watermelon and a good nap with her ultra-soft blankie. When Dad arrived at 2:00, the staff said they were impressed!

Still in her proud Daddy's arms, so far so good.

Early training in the complex arts of negotiation and acquisition.

Take a hike, Mom, I've got this covered. See ya at 2 o'clock.