Sep 12, 2006

Exciting New Frontiers

Now really, almost any post about a 13 month old could have this title, right?

This week's exciting achievement is that Miranda has begun to attend Mother's Day Out! Yes, she will bravely be facing down adults and kiddos alike, every Monday from 9am-2pm at the nearby Methodist Church. She seemed excited when we arrived, didn't burst into tears when we left, and did really well overall. She cried a bit when another child got upset, but recovered with the administration of chicken, pasta, watermelon and a good nap with her ultra-soft blankie. When Dad arrived at 2:00, the staff said they were impressed!

Still in her proud Daddy's arms, so far so good.

Early training in the complex arts of negotiation and acquisition.

Take a hike, Mom, I've got this covered. See ya at 2 o'clock.


Lazymom said...

Way to go Miranda.

Now what will mommy do with ALL THAT free time!!!!

Julie said...

Aww...she is so cute. Seems like yesterday that I first met you and she was 6 weeks old!!! Glad she enjoyed it :)

Ashley Pollard said...

yay, miranda! give that little one a high five from me and Mr. O!!!

melinda said...

love the pictures...your colorful words with them make a great story!

Macklann said...

Cool Daddy we are also proud of you all. Can wait to see you in Saint-Louis.

Marie Eldridge said...

Way to go Miranda! I'm glad her first day was awesome! I just knew it would be.