Aug 24, 2006

Some really depressing news (and a way to forget about it)

After working with my advisor Robert to locate the semi-complete draft of my paper on Aquinas, which we discussed in England last month, we have decided that the only copy was, in fact, on the now-lost computer in the computer bag. Along with the paper copy on which we took notes for the final draft. Along with all the photocopied chapters from books on Aquinas, with the helpful underlinings.

Shit shit shit. Back to square one. I'll be spending this morning and afternoon tracking down those books, recopying, and beginning to reread.

However, I've found an antidote to the depression this has caused: picking up the pictures from Miranda's birthday party. Instant upper. Examples coming soon.

Lastly -- a special congrats to our friend Michelle, who just had her second son in Philly, Elias Lewis Harper Brix. Great labor and delivery, and she's already blogged. What a woman!


I am working on a really cute post about her birthday... really, I am.

But in the meantime, Miranda has made several strides forward in abilities and general cuteness. She has 9 teeth (she apparently skipped a canine and went to 2nd canine on the top), she walks and walks, and she loves to give you five and giggle. But the newest and funniest development is that she can ZERBERT! Last night, she walked over to my bare leg, leaned over, and "PFFFHT!" It was so cute, and of course it tickled, so I laughed like a maniac, which encouraged her to repeat her amazing trick about 15 times.

She's so great!!!

Aug 17, 2006

Celebrating Four Years as Family

[Disclaimer: I also posted this over at the ashram; such blatant reproduction is frowned upon in grad school but may still be permitted in the blogosphere.]

Well, yesterday was August 16th, 2006, which marks 4 years since the Spirit brought John Fitzgerald Kennedy Bruce-Papafio to 701 Golfview Drive. That's more C-SPAN, NBA, local Christian access, World Cup soccer, Buffalo Wild Wings, O Brother Where Art Thou, rice, Twix, and Sprite than I would ever have imagined! Through fun times and hard times, God has taken good care of us all and led us into deeper meanings of grace and faith. We are happy that we've had these four years; here's hoping for more.

John enjoying a celebratory lunch yesterday at "Country Cook'n, by George!" Excellent green beans.
John holding the Crunchie last autumn.

Golfview pals Troy and John.

Trifecta trio John, Mike, and Billy. (The Crunchie served in an advisory capacity only.)

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid." (Jn 14:27)
We love you, brother.

Aug 4, 2006

Milk Restored!!!

Well, at least enough milk to nurse 2-3 times a day. She and I are both pleasantly surprised at the development. Thank goodness for Reglan!!! However, I'm having a lot of pain on one side, which I first attributed to her new upper teeth, but the other side is fine, so I'm wondering if we have a case of thrush. Hmmm... any suggestions?

Thanks for all the supportive emails, I really appreciate everyone's encouragement and empathy.

Stay tuned for an exciting, upcoming retrospective on the first year of our life with the Crunchie.

Aug 1, 2006

Over the Pond -- some overall highlights, and one anti-highlight

A quick word on the theft -- our insurance is working with us to replace the laptop (although, after our deductible, everything else will probably be a loss). Better than nothing!

Despite ending on such a sour note, I really enjoyed the trip. I loved so much about it: sleeping all night; drinking coffee, tea, and soda without worrying about caffinating Miranda; fish and chips, sausage and mash; seeing old friends and making new ones; catching up on some movies and good books. I actually read 10 books during the trip: Tiger Lillie, The Handmaid's Tale, Cell, Tales of a Seasick Doctor, Speaker for the Dead, My Sister's Keeper, The Memory Keeper's Daughter, Of Woman Born, The World According to Garp, White Oleander. What a gorge! It was great!!!

Reuniting with Miranda has been pretty smooth. She hasn't been diffident or angry with me, and we've had lots of fun just hanging around since my return. There is, however, one disappointment -- due to a few pumping mishaps, my milk has dropped to almost nothing. She was eager to nurse the first night I was home, but seemed surprised at the difficulty she encountered getting a drink. Surprise has turned to frustration, and to disinterest, which scuttles any chance of getting my milk going again.

I wasn't ready for how sad this has made me. When I left I thought, "Well, hopefully we'll keep nursing when I get back, but if not, then at least we've had a good full year." But, deep down I thought that we wouldn't have any trouble resuming, because we'd had such an easy year as a nursing couple. And I wasn't prepared for how much I want to continue nursing. I feel like we're just midway through our time nursing -- it just doesn't feel like it's time to quit.

My midwife gave me a scrip for Reglan, so we'll see if this gets us back on track. Hopefully it will, because I really miss mothering her that way. I'll keep you posted!