Aug 24, 2006


I am working on a really cute post about her birthday... really, I am.

But in the meantime, Miranda has made several strides forward in abilities and general cuteness. She has 9 teeth (she apparently skipped a canine and went to 2nd canine on the top), she walks and walks, and she loves to give you five and giggle. But the newest and funniest development is that she can ZERBERT! Last night, she walked over to my bare leg, leaned over, and "PFFFHT!" It was so cute, and of course it tickled, so I laughed like a maniac, which encouraged her to repeat her amazing trick about 15 times.

She's so great!!!


jkoch said...

such wonderful things to look forward to!

Ashley Pollard said...

awww! she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!