Aug 24, 2006

Some really depressing news (and a way to forget about it)

After working with my advisor Robert to locate the semi-complete draft of my paper on Aquinas, which we discussed in England last month, we have decided that the only copy was, in fact, on the now-lost computer in the computer bag. Along with the paper copy on which we took notes for the final draft. Along with all the photocopied chapters from books on Aquinas, with the helpful underlinings.

Shit shit shit. Back to square one. I'll be spending this morning and afternoon tracking down those books, recopying, and beginning to reread.

However, I've found an antidote to the depression this has caused: picking up the pictures from Miranda's birthday party. Instant upper. Examples coming soon.

Lastly -- a special congrats to our friend Michelle, who just had her second son in Philly, Elias Lewis Harper Brix. Great labor and delivery, and she's already blogged. What a woman!


lara said...

I am so sorry Maria. this is the first time i have read you blog in a couple of weeks, I can't believe it was stollen. Hang in there. We are sending out our love to you. We will try to give ya'll a call in the next week.

Ashley Pollard said...

sorry to hear about your paper :( i hope you can get all your things together without too much trouble!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!! I'm sick for you. Wish I could help. Love. Mom