May 15, 2006

Off to Cincy

Billy, Miranda and I are headed up to Cincinnati (Covington, KY actually) for the "Pastor in Community" conference I've been participating in for the last few years. This is the last one, which is sad, as I've enjoyed meeting new folks and spending a few solid days talking about the practices that make and break community (keeping promises, telling the truth, offering hospitality, and being grateful). This week's topic is practicing discernment and its role in facilitating the other practices. Billy will be Mr. Mom throughout most of the day, a role which he fulfills better than anyone I know. Also, we usually get some very nice meals.

When I get back, it's gotta be Aquinas, Aquinas, Aquinas. I've scheduled my trip to Durham to meet with my academic advisor in July, and I need to have two good papers done by then.

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