Apr 7, 2008

More amazing exploits of Wunchie

Here's the latest from Radio Free Wunchie:

  • She sounds a lot like Winston Churchill when she says the word "never." It comes out "nevah." And she's saying it a lot now, for emphasis of her points. As in, "I don't take a nap! Nevah! Nevah!"

  • (handing me a stick) "Mama, you break this in half for me, please?"

  • (looking at a Central American plaque of Saint Francis and the animals) "Miranda, what's that?" "A bird... and a peagog." "A peacock?" "Yes, a peagog." "Miranda, where did we hear about peacocks?" "From Grover!" "And where did Grover see peacocks?" "In... Africa."

  • "Where are the worms? Where are the WORMS???"

  • "Mommy, I want to ride in the truck." "Well, the truck is a little sick right now, so we have to take the car." (deep sigh) "I nevah get to ride in the truck... nevah." (And the Oscar goes to...)

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