Mar 19, 2009

OTP (6), day 7 -- What should I do between papers?

Through some stroke of luck, I have arrived in Durham during the most glorious spring weather. The sun has shone almost every day, bringing to my awareness the beautiful, vibrant green of the lawns, the vivid yellow of the daffodils and the blooming forsythia, the heather flowering a deep violet. The temperatures have stayed in the mid-60s, absolutely perfect for sitting on the Palace Green, as I’m doing now.

It’s easy to forget about the charmed aspects of life as a college student. As I sit here and write, there are dozens of students lounging on the Green – eating pastries from The Almshouses on the Green, discussing their end of term papers, young couples holding hands or napping together. Most interesting to me is the group of guys playing a passionate game of croquet on the lawn. This is not something you’d see in the States. (Maeve has just informed me that you wouldn't see it most places in the UK, either. "It's a class thing," she said.)


Pete the Brit said...

I used to love playing croquet against my brother - we would get pretty intense :)

a said...

Apparently croquet can be a class thing even in America -- remember the movie "Heathers"? The popular girls asserted their status through mean-spirited croquet games. :)