Aug 28, 2008

July 30, 2005 -- Addendum

Ok, I realized that I needed to unpack the last post just a bit. In honor of Miranda's 3rd birthday, I wanted to do something that I haven't done since her birth, which was create a slideshow of the actual event.

It was a long labor, just under 24 hours (the first 21 hours were drug-free, then we had the epidural), and we were fortunate to have a professional photographer there for the last half of the event. The Lexington Herald-Leader was doing a story on our midwife and wanted to get coverage of a "natural" birth. So, they asked if they could be present, and we said yes. Sure, not everyone would have wanted to have them there, but we've always been grateful for the photos of that incredible day. I especially love how they show Billy's involvement in the whole process; he was definitely not sitting on the sidelines!

The pics really are not that graphic (although they are realistic), and are a beautiful way of commemorating what to me is a somewhat dreamlike few hours. Anyway, feel free to watch it or not, whatever you prefer!

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Janet said...

I caved in for the epidural at 18 hours of labor and still only 1 centimeter dilated. 12 hours later, including 2 of pushing, we had a c-section. It was my happiest moment of the 30 hours up to that point.
"C-Section? Really? You mean it can be over now? Let's go!"
She's been a troublemaker from the very beginning. :)