Oct 10, 2008

More Random Political Thoughts Which Require Your Feedback

As I consider how our country is becoming increasingly polarized in our public discourse, I've begun reading a book called Patriotic Grace: What It Is and Why We Need It Now. It's written by a former Reagan speechwriter, and it calls Americans -- liberal and conservative alike -- to "see each other anew" and "face our common challenges together." Anyone out there read it? Care to comment? I'll report back as I go. In that vein, I've been increasingly intrigued by the apparent and unlikely friendship between commentators Rachel Maddow and Pat Buchanan. This article seems a good example of how people with radically different political positions can actively and positively participate in political dialogue. (Plus, it's just fun to watch them dig at each other energetically yet good-naturedly.)

One columnist I've been reading lately is Kathleen Parker. Although we differ in many areas of political thought, I'm beginning to admire her work quite a bit. She's taken some heat for her criticism of Gov. Palin (which are here and here), and while I tend to agree with her critique, I'm more taken with the thoughtful, nuanced voice she brings to the discussion. Take a look and see what you think. Let me know. Don't be afraid to disagree.

Speaking of Kathleen Parker, here's an interesting article about the possibility of Obama making a significant connection with voters in an area very dear to my heart, Appalachia.

And on a final and admittedly trivial note... Ann Coulter is an intelligent, extreme, and beautiful woman (whose views are MARKEDLY different from my own and likely always will be). I just saw her on a Fox News panel, and will someone please tell her to tone down the eyeliner???


Jewell Ertman said...

I love Maddow, she so smart and lovable. I thought the articles from Kathleen Parker were humorous. She has a artful writing style.
Its no surprise that feminist after feminist is appalled by the pick of Palin as a V.P...
Continuing war is not pro-life, to "drill baby drill" is putting ourselves and our future in jeopardy, to believe that humans did not contribute to globing warming is scientifically incorrect, and to gain voters with lies and hatred is not a campaign tactic, it displays exactly the kind of deceiving leaders McCain-Palin will be.

(oh and Maria the <3 is a heart. It simply means love.)

Janet said...

Excellent Appalachia article. I hope people start doing more reading and comparing and less babbling about things they know nothing about. I have a friend who finally quit forwarding me all the stupid internet stuff because I kept sending her straight back to Snopes to refute it. She can't admit she was wrong, and it's my fault for pointing it out.