Oct 30, 2008

Over The Pond (5), Day 1 -- O'Hare Again

Here we are, getting ready to board the flight to London Heathrow. I seem to remember a witty opening post for OTP (4), but I'm a bit tired. Plus we're about to board, so I'll have to make this quick.

In some ways, I was well-prepared for this trip. I did laundry and packed early, made good progress on my schoolwork, and lined up my UK contacts well ahead of time. (... this is the sound of the other shoe falling through the air, dropping, dropping...)

Other Shoe #1: On Tuesday evening, my computer began having mysterious problems. When I took it to the repair place, they hunted and mumbled and finally said some confusing things, with one word standing out -- "motherboard?" Oh no, even I know that's not good. They weren't totally sure, and recommended I see how it goes, but we might have big problems down the line.

Other Shoe #2: Yesterday, my lower back began to hurt, pretty badly. I stretched and iced and heated, and iced and heated again. Finally, I called my doc and said something to the effect of "I'll be on a plane for over 8 hours tomorrow -- have mercy." They did and provided Flexaril, which is helping but makes me very groggy.

At least both of them broke before I left the States -- that's something!

I'm off to buy a pack of gum and some Altoids before I get to the UK and they cost me $5 apiece.


Stephen Lawson said...

Ouch. I hope that your travels are tolerable despite the back pain and computer issues. Take care of yourself.

Janet said...

Here's hoping your back and your motherboard both withstand the trip.

Anonymous said...

Take care and cant wait to read the continuing saga.

Try icing that back down whenever you get time to sit down. I know that is a tall order but usually 20minutes on 20 minutes off really helps. And ibuprofen to help any inflammation.

Will be thinking of you on election day. How interesting to be overseas then. My folks live today on a three week cruise around the Holy Lands.


rich said...

Sorry about the back and board. But still jealous. Ginger and I have to find a way to teach overseas.