Jul 3, 2009

Ok, Ok! I'm back!

It's been a crazy few months, but I'm glad to be back, and am counting on a newly-arrived burst of energy to keep me here. More on that later. What's been happening?


If you couldn't tell by the change in the picture behind my title, I'm pregnant, and due December 18th! We're at 16 weeks, and I'm feelings much better after a difficult 1st trimester. The dizziness and nausea which were ever-present for about 7 weeks have gone, and the remaining fatigue is tempered by bursts of 2nd trimester energy. Here's hoping they last, and that I make good use of them while they remain!! I'm also going to prenatal yoga at Baby Moon, a truly incredible pregnancy and birthing support center. If you are pregnant in the Lexington area, or know someone who is, I HIGHLY recommend paying them a visit.

Our community hosted another School for Conversion in April. Here's a post on the ashram about our time together, and some great pics of the event. Start with this one and move to the right. I'm also headed to Missiouri next weekend to facilitate another School with the Shepherdsfield Community.

I presented a paper at this conference on the virtue of temperance, which is the subject of my dissertation. Here's an article where I'm quoted about the topic. (Ok, only once, but still.)

Along with the rest of the board and teachers of Schools for Conversion, I'm now blogging at the Tikkun Daily site. It's an interfaith gathering of "spiritual progressives" who are considering how faith makes a difference in daily life.

I'm also working on several articles for the forthcoming Dictionary of Scripture and Ethics.

We hosted another concert by the psalters. Here's a post I did about the evening.

Billy took a fabulous trip to Africa through his work with the foundation. Here, here, and here are some posts about his time.

And, I have been doing some blogging at Miranda's site.


Whew. Is that enough for now?


Mike said...

the Psalters played in your back yard, and you didn't invite me? Or even tell me about it?

oh, you've got some 'splaining to do, Maria...

Ginger said...

When I was 17 weeks pregnant (my whole pregnancy, actually), I was glued to the couch all evening (after work, of course). Still. I was not so productive and was extremely whiney.

You must be superwoman!