Feb 14, 2007

239 Burke: Update

Our inspection went well; we have a few roof, fireplace, and furnace issues to resolve, but no dealbreakers. And if you know our inspector, you realize that's a miracle. (He's done lots of inspections for Communality folks; we call him the Terminator, the Destroyer, the Dream-Crusher...) No, he's just very, very thorough, and we all like him -- he looks out for us.

We've doing the radon test as we speak, and also got an estimate to waterproof the basement. We'll do these things immediately after closing (+/- April 2), then begin moving in. That's all for now.


billy said...

I guess we've really violated the community ethos by finding a home that John B. really liked?

jkoch said...

uh oh, he gave us a decent report too. despite the age of the furnace and a few dangers to small children.

lisa g said...

I'm so glad this house is going well.

John B.'s great. While he deems most houses to be a danger to children, we not only had that but "gross, why do they want that one?" with the house next door. I think its good for him to see a few of us buying houses with a little credibility. We don't want him to doubt our sanity too much!