Feb 15, 2007

This is your fault, Geoff Maddock

OK, so I'm fixing dinner tonight, and Miranda is occupied with the Baby Noah DVD, and I'm adding commentary from the kitchen. "Oh, look, Miranda, there's a panda bear. Look, there's a dolphin."

So the next section is "In The Outback." We see kangaroos and koalas, and then the video says, "The Wombat." And I glance over and nonchalantly say, "Look, Miranda, it's a fat-assed wombat!"

Wait a second... what did I just try to teach Miranda to say? And why did I say it so naturally?

Then I remembered the video of the 2000 Sydney Games that Geoff showed folks from the community. It had highlights of some Aussie commentators covering the games, not at all... conventional in its style (but terribly, terribly funny). And they had this stuffed wombat (BTW, it's a 3 ft long, Australian marsupial) called Wallie the Fat-Assed Wombat, who waddled across the screen and found his way into the hands of several Aussie winners on the platforms. So now, I immediately and pretty unconsciously modify the word "wombat" in this manner.

So, when Miranda is sent home from preschool for repeating this zoological tidbit, we know who to thank.


Amanda Moore said...


Marie Eldridge said...

This was really funny.

MeesheMama said...

Totally hysterical.

geoff and sherry said...

i take full responsibility. it's important miranda learns the ways of the antipodean people...and let's face it, the baby einstein series needs some spicing up even for the under-3 crowd.