Jan 23, 2008

Dance to the beat of a different (ok, the same) drummer

My mom was visiting last week from Denver, and we did a ton of fun things, both with and without Miranda. The day after she arrived, we took the Wunchie to the PB&J Concert Series of the Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra. They provide pb&j fixins', apple juice, and a kid-friendly venue to participate in music. This month was a drum circle at the Lexington Children's Theater. They had congos, tambourines, and dozens of homemade noisemakers. It was cacophanous but very, very fun. Miranda enjoyed acquiring and trying out lots of different instruments. We're sure to be there next month!

My mom (front right) shakes a spice-rack noisemaker while the Wunchie tries a tambourine.

You mean, it's not all about me? Then why am I out here, center stage???

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