Jan 9, 2008

Quotable Quotes from SCE

  • Ok, buddy, that's the only shade of green the light's going to turn.
  • I'm not a luddite, I'm a patient customer. I wait until it's a proven thing.
  • Yale might give you a chair to hold, but would they give you a pot to sit on?
  • I'm happy to pay for your dinner, you poor impoverished grad student... 20 dollars???
  • We need to keep our comments brief, preferably under 1 minute each.
  • I definitely like the 1974 version of Charlie Daniels' "Easy Rider" better than the 1988 version.
  • I'm hoping to be employed this time next year.
  • How much is that book, with the discount?
  • It's too late in the day to be eating beef, don't you think?
  • Those have to be the wives of all the folks at the youth ministers' conference, next door.
  • I think we've underestimated the degree to which ___ is indebted to the thought of ___ in this matter.
  • How many of you would like a free sample of our house cabernet?
  • I just think it would be nice to return the car clean. Just a drive-through car wash, that's all I'm suggesting.
  • You're nothing to me, both of you, but fleas on the backs of rats. You're just vectors.

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Countess said...

I love the last one.