Nov 9, 2008

Over the Pond (5), day 10 -- Hey, BBC, if you can cover the election returns, why can't you cover this??

Why, why did I have to choose this week to be out of the country? Not only did I miss our historic national election, but I missed my alma mater turning out two decisive victories in their quest for a national football title! First University of Texas, now Oklahoma State!
The New York Times did a surprisingly fun article about the game and Tech's pursuit of the title, bits of which I've quoted between the pictures.

"It is not easy to get to this dusty West Texas outpost," says the New York Times. "Only three commercial airlines fly directly here, which may not be surprising considering there is not a building taller than 14 stories. But for the next two weeks, Lubbock will continue its improbable role as a college football hub. No. 2 Texas Tech blasted No. 8 Oklahoma State, 56-20, on Saturday, solidifying its status as one of the most dominant teams in college football. "

" So get used to tortillas flying in the air, a bandit Texas Tech tradition that was revived after Crabtree’s third score. And get used to Guns Up, the traditional Texas Tech symbol, and Leach’s entertaining sound bites. "

"And for now,' concludes the New York Times, "the Big 12’s road to the national title goes through Lubbock. No matter how difficult it may be to get here."

Amen, and get your guns up!


Ginger said...

Go Tech!!

Janet said...

I'll start cheering for them. Vandy went 5-0 so as soon as I started paying attention, they're now 5-4.