Nov 11, 2008

Over the Pond (5), day 11 -- Breast Pump Woman

Some of you may remember this post (and this post) from the first season of Over the Pond, July 2006. Well, thanks to this series of events, I have a seemingly permanent nickname in Harrogate -- Breast Pump Woman.

On Sunday afternoon in Harrogate, Pete and Catherine took me to a birthday party of a family from their parish. As we prepared to leave, Catherine said, "Oh, you'll have fun tonight -- this party is being hosted by Tim -- you know, Breast Pump Guy." Apparently, the story of Tim having to send part of my breast pump to me in London, back in July 2006, has garnered quite a following. (His wife, Sue, was also described as "the wife of Breast Pump Guy.") So, as we got to the party, Tim came out to greet us, and Catherine said, "Tim, this is our friend Maria - -you remember Maria, hee hee hee." Tim and I shook hands and laughed, and I said, "We meet at last." Oh well, I thought, at least that's over. Then as we entered the party and began to circulate, Catherine would reply to anyone who asked how we knew each other with, "Oh, she's a friend from the States -- and Tim had to send her her breast pump once." Talk about your raised eyebrows. At least their friends were all totally cool. It was great fun.

So that's me -- Breast Pump Woman.


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Janet said...

Ah. Your fifteen minutes of fame has stretched to years! Can I spread that around ASP land? (Anybody out of the cult who is reading this will think I'm talking about snakes. Especially now that I used the word cult.)

Anonymous said...

ok, that made me laugh out loud! thank you for that!