Nov 7, 2008

Over the Pond (5), day 8 -- A pictoral tour of Maria's favorite parts of Durham

I wanted to share a few pictures of Durham that reveal just a bit of its beauty. It's true that pictures rarely capture the fullness of what we see, but these do pretty well.

Here's Durham Cathedral as you're walking along the river Wear.
I've never been in Durham in the winter, but this might convince me.

The front of the cathedral.

The Galilee Chapel, where they occasionally hold Early Communion or Morning Prayer. It's cold, and quiet, and delightful in an understanded way.

The beautiful archwork inside

This is the Cathedral library, where you feel like you should be an extra in a Harry Potter movie. I studied (and snugged up to the radiator) in a window cubby, which you can see on the left, between the tall bookcases.

This is one side of the Cathedral Cloisters, which form a square between the Cathedral itself and the adjacent buildings (library, gift shop, cafe, offices, choral school, and others).

You can also visit this link to get a 360-degree view of the Durham Market Square, the hub of Old Durham activity.

Actually, here's a great website if you'd like to see more pics of the Cathedral. I'm such a groupie!

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