Jul 25, 2006

OTP, Day 8 -- (anti)highlight?

Realizing you've forgotten something at your friend's house in Harrogate. Calling your friend's friends to ask them to mail it to you in London. Having the following conversation with the husband, who's the only one home:

me: I'm afraid I've left something behind.
him: No problem at all, I'm happy to post it to you. What have you left?
me: Part of my breast pump.
him: ... pardon?
me: Part of my breast pump.
him: Um, right. No problem. Happy to send it on.
me: Thanks so much. (Gives address.)
him: Now, where will I find it?
me: On the drainboard, by the sink.
him: Will I know what it is?
me: Trust me, you'll know.

Between the fact that I've never met this man, the nature of my request, and my lack of familiarity with traditional English reserve, I'm not sure how embarrassing this conversation actually was, to either of us!


melinda said...

funny (you'll know what it is)! thanks for letting us travel with you!

Pete the Brit said...

As a fellow englishman I would say that we can generally handle conversations of this ilk, it's just when you start having emotions that we english freak out :)

P.S. Saw your chapter in 'The New Monasticism' today - very cool

Amanda Moore said...


jkoch said...

this is great! i hope it makes it back to you.