Jul 17, 2006

Over the Pond, Day 1 -- Freedom!

The adventure begins! I'm at Kennedy Int'l Airport, enjoying a 12-hour layover. At 8:30pm I'll take off for the UK and, 7 hours later, hit the ground running for 3 1/2 days of schoolwork in Durham. I'm tired, as packing and a great conversation with my SIL Tracey kept me up until... well, very close to when I had to leave for the airport.

Did I say enjoying, as in layover? I did. What once would have been an insufferable "delay" now unfolds as a gift, an almost forgotten luxury of me-time. To begin with, this airport is filled with interesting folks, most of whom aren't speaking English. (NYC is just generally cool.) And, I'm just sitting here... alone. Without family or friends (although with homework), with several good books to devour while I'm away (Lisa Samson, Margaret Atwood, Stephen King, Orson Scott Card), and what appears to be some good sushi across the food court. Do I get a Coke? A Diet Coke? A large coffee? All three? (My poor kidneys are shaking with fear even as I type; better refill the water bottle while I'm at it.)

I'm not sure how Miranda is doing, as I left before she woke up and haven't been able to reach Billy. He, Miranda, and Tracey are headed to LA today for a working vacation and some family time. Leaving Miranda is a post unto itself, to which I'll return.

I haven't blogged in a couple of weeks (sorry Joy!), so I'll try to keep a little journal of sorts while I'm gone. Better sign off and head for my terminal to check in and find a plug to rejuice the computer.

PS -- I just bought a pen from a man offering them around. It says, "SMILE. This good article is the courtesy of a DEAF AND DISABLED PERSON. PAY ANY PRICE YOU WISH. Thank you for your help." It worked; I smiled.


Pete the Brit said...

hope you have a great time.

A good friend of mine is the Succentor of Durham Cathedral.

If you pop in there and see a ginger haired minister called Gilly M. Say hello from Peter GRIN

Anonymous said...

Maria, loved the commentary & your insights. Fran gave me a copy of the Margaret Atwood novel, don'[t think I finished it. Now inspired to do so.
Keep writing --this is great.
Take care _ and "Lock your doors!"
Love MOM