Jul 3, 2006

Second of July fun

Who says you have to wait until the 4th? Billy, Miranda, John, our neighbor Mike, and I went over to the Red Mile racetrack last night to watch the Quarter Horse racing and the fireworks. It was great to see all the cowboys hats, Wranglers, and big belt buckles. I felt like I was back in Texas at the horse shows. John was very kind to share the Miranda-toting duties, which is harder than it used to be!

Billy and Mike also hit the jackpot, winning 2 single bets and a trifecta on the last race.

Miranda was more impressed with her first taste of ice cream.


Pete the Brit said...

wow you are a blogging queen!!!

Mabye I"ll take it up some time...but I"ve too much other stuff to do right now :)

Peter in Houston

jkoch said...

miranda's so lucky. i never get to have chocolate-vanilla swirl. and soft serve. why don't i hang out with you guys more? looks like you guys were having a blast!

billy said...

My favorite part was licking the running ice cream off of her face because we had no napkins....maybe that will offend some people....but the crowd at the Red Mile sure loved it......I love these kinds of games with my little crunchy.