Jun 29, 2006

Miranda at the pool!

We joined our friends Weslie & Ben and Rebecca & Hanna at Southland pool on Wednesday. It was great! (As evidenced by the happy face below.) Miranda really likes the water and tried to take off several times, which resulted in several partial and one total submersion. (Does anyone else remember how water burns when you get it in your nasal cavity? I do!!!) Overall we had a ball.
This is fun, Mom -- cold, but fun!

Miranda and Ben trying out their pool legs.

Rebecca and Hanna.

Expressing affection through the "Face Smash." (Miranda returned the favor.)

Why does Mom get a cool straw hat, and mine just makes me look like Gilligan?? (See previous photos.)

Stop snuggling me, Mom, I'm trying to check out the ladies on the waterslide.

Maybe the hat works better on its own...


Ashley said...

You guys are both so cute! Thanks for sharing these pics. This is Miss Howze btw since I see my name is only Ashley and you may knwo more than one of us! Have a great weekend!

Julie said...

That looks like so much fun :)

billy said...

Look at that cute little bottom....I think that she got the best of both of our backsides!

Anonymous said...

I want to squeeze that cute little bottom. (Elle and I sent earlier message to this--not here) She is adorable, and I love seeing you blooming in motherhood. Mom