Jun 21, 2006

Over the hills and through the woods...

...to PAPAfest we go! Miranda and I are headed down to Tennessee for PAPAfest tomorrow morning. (Billy and John, and about a dozen others from our community, will follow on Friday.) This will be a great weekend -- full of fun, conversation, and fire-eating. I've never camped with Miranda (especially in the heat) so hopefully all will go well. I'll bring updates on Monday.

We also had a good time at the baby shower for Anne Rust, owner of Baby Moon (where I did my prenatal and baby yoga), who just adopted a precious baby girl. I love showers!

Have a great weekend!


Jerry DePoy Jr. said...

It was so great to finally meet up with you and Billy at PAPAFest, and I enjoyed our time together. I look forward to the Eternal Kingdom, when there will be no time, alarm clocks, or deadlines to return to.
In other words, I could have stayed there forever with my new friends. Thanks for sharing the weekend with me.
- Jerry

matt said...

it was great to meet you at papa fest this past weekend. hopefully i can come check out communiality soon. love wins.

Anonymous said...

From a completely unbiased source . . . how ADORABLE is my little niece??????? Auntie Elle

And another one - isn't she BEAUTIFUL??? From her Grandmommie