Jun 14, 2006

Mother of the Year???

OK, just in case you were wondering if I was in competition for your award... I'm not.

Monday night, I left an extra strength Tylenol on the bed, which she swallowed very adeptly. My quick-thinking husband called a friend and then called poison control, who assured him that one wouldn't hurt. (Although that teething fever will be history.)

Tuesday morning, after a very sleepy nursing session, I thought, "I need to roll her over to the middle of the bed. I need to... zzzzzz." Yes, I was awakened by the thud of a small, scrunchy body hitting the floor, followed by a sleepy but increasingly wide-awake wailing. After a few minutes of crying and a few minutes of nursing, all was well.

Yikes. I shouldn't make mistakes like this. Sure, everything is OK, but it still isn't good. So, is anyone else out there doing stuff like this? Tell me your stories and make me feel better (or just make me laugh, which works just as well!)


Ashley Pollard said...

oh, i am with you! i don't know how many times (maybe 4?) owen has fallen out of our bed. not good.

he has opened the glass door to our shower and attempted to chew on a razor blade. just today i bonked his head on my car door when i bent inside to get his milk and he was on my hip. i'm still waitin gon my mommy of the year award too!

i think, at least i hope, that we all do things like these. whoever says that they don't is lying! ;)

Julie said...

About 6 months ago Daniel was on the bed and I was trying on some clothes. I totally stopped thinking and went closer to the mirror. I think heard a crash and a cry. I felt so bad. But at the same time I knew that happens to every mom, now it was my turn. I also can't tell you the amount of times he has run into a wall because of me not looking.

melinda said...

oh maria...noah's fallen off the bed twice, gotten into a bottle of my vitamins and into a bottle of baby shampoo...i truly underestimated his ability to get into things! props to you for miranda being as old as she is before your mom of the year award! :)

Maria Kenney said...

Well, this is actually the second time she's fallen off the bed. Double yikes!

Rachel said...

Jude fell off the bed in our guest room - backwards and hit the back of his head on the CD shelf thing that was laying on the floor. I was *right there* when he did it, too. That was before he was walking - so several months ago. He was alright of course, but I still felt like crap.

We have just our mattress on the floor so he won't roll out of our bed. Its really nice that he can safely climb in and out on his own. He never fell out of our bed even when it was up higher. I was always afraid he would, though.

Anonymous said...

of course i can relate...the car door has become the boys' worst nightmare! they have big heads though, right? it's not MY mothering skills...right?

lately our most embarassing moments have included bouts of random nudity and little streams of pee going all over the place with the boys trying to catch it in their hands (time to potty train?) we are sooooo country!

we all look forward to seeing one of our favorite girls in july for a much needed play date!

deborah and the boys deux.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a Saturday morning when life was going smoothly, both Maria & Ellery playing (I thought) They were about 1 and 2 1/2. Then I walked in the nursery-- There was Maria under a buffet we were using for storage--with a empty baby aspirin bottle.
Just to be safe, it was off to the ER where her stomach was pumped. It was a not a good sight to see that happening. I felt so bad for her to have that done. Not painful but frightening.
Needless to say, I didn't feel like Mother of Year--and was more careful about medicine bottles. So--we all have the moments we would like to forget. Love Mom