Jun 14, 2006

More random pics

Here are some other fun pictures of Miranda. I love the camera phone.

Billy took this one. (It's a little grainy because I enlarged it.) Apparently she was crawling by, stopped, and just popped in the paci. Billy titled it, "Minister to Thyself."

Miranda, Miranda... soy sauce is a condiment, not a beverage. But we appreciate your early attraction to Japanese food.

This is one of our favorite toys. It's a little house front with a door that opens. She loves to crawl up to the door and FLING it open, then crawl through to the forbidden books and whatnots behind it. Guess when I chose a barrier to the bookcase, I shouldn't have chosen one with a door.

It's never too early to limber up. Although, she can take her foot and scratch the back of her head with it, usually while nursing. (Does this somehow increase the flexibility coefficient?)

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