Jul 21, 2006

OTP, Day 4 -- slightly revised state of shock

Ok, so I looked a bit closer at the comprehensive schedule for my work, and realized that I'll be finished in March 2011, when I staretd in October 2003. So, it's only 7 1/2 years total, instead of 8. I feel a little, little bit better.

And then, I'd forgotten to account for this year of semi-maternity leave (working about 1/4 time, instead of 1/2 time). So... in actuality, my degree will take me about 7 - 7/14 years to complete, part-time. The shock is continuing to fade.

But I still won't be done for almost 5 more years! And that's without another bambino! Lord, give us strength, and money for our fabulous babysitter.


Jen said...

Great to read your stories of life with Miranda, Billy and the journey to your big fat degree! Keep 'em coming!
Jen (Jardine) Christian

Anonymous said...

As I said before, do wish I were there to enjoy lots of your trip, but especially the services at the Cathedral --that was one of the highlights of our trip last spring. Do enjoy and soak it in and store it away for the future.
Speaking of time and shock--am applying for another job and realized I spent nearly 6 years finishing just my master's --what did I do with the rest of my time in those years? So--a Ph.D (and baby, family, etc) in 7 or 8 years is quite an accomplishment. Mom

Rachel said...

I wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading your blog these last few days about your trip. Very interesting! :-)

billy said...

We miss you honey......and I think that "crunchie" is realy beginning to miss you. We're looking forward to your safe return on Friday and hope you enjoy the next several days of relative rest and peace.