Dec 1, 2006

Miranda's lullabies (part 2)

This is the other song I've been singing lately to the Wee Wunchie. It speaks of adventure and laughter, and seeing beauty in your beloved, and providing warmth and comfort. I try to sing it over her as a kind of benediction, hoping that I provide to her all these elements of a good life.

If I were a feather bed
And in your house so fine
I'd hold you in my arms each night
Keep you warm in the wintertime

And if I were a big wool rug
Just a-sittin' in your front hall
Well, I'd tickle your feet, and make you laugh
If you stepped on me at all

If I were a breath of wind
On your cheek as you walked by
I'd pick you up upon my back
And I'd teach you how to fly

If I were a drop of rain
Trickled down your chin
I'd run right up, and kiss your lips
And I'd kiss them twice again

If I were an old banjo
Felt your fingers on my strings
I'd sing the sweetest little song
A banjo e'er did sing

And if I were a hair ribbon
Color it was blue
I'd be ten times as beautiful
Cause I'd be wearing you

If I were a feather bed
In your house so fine
I'd hold you in my arms each night
Keep you warm in the wintertime


Annika said...

Hi Maria,

I just read your story "Hospitality to a Stranger" in the 12 Marks of a N.M. and since I am about as curious as my cat, googled your name and found your blog. I was just bloggin myself, mainly how I was unwilling to extend hospitality and then I read your story. Just want to say thank you and the best wished to your family, including the new arrival.

Hopefully we will meet soon, we've been touring around New Monastic communities, playing our music at the Simple Way, the Camdne House etc.

Ashley Pollard said...

WOW! This needs to be made into a children's book! It's lovely!