Dec 20, 2006

Poor, poor Wunchie

Lately Miranda has been coughing, a lot. Over Thanksgiving, she battled a double ear infection and pinkeye, but we thought we'd turned the corner. But this cough has stayed, and stayed, and stayed. So, we've taken her to the doc, diagnosed a probable sinus infection, and are back on amoxicillin. So far so good.

The thing is, she sometimes coughs so much that she throws up. Not often, and not much throw-up, but still enough to break my heart. We had a small regurg episode after dinner, but she seemed to recover well. So last night, we tried to give her some cough medicine before putting her down, in hopes of giving her a better night's sleep.

This morning when I was giving her the morning milk, I thought she smelled... funny, and unpleasant. Kinda like throw-up. Did she get some in her hair last night? Did I miss some during her bath?

So she finishes her bottle and I reach into her crib to replace the paci... and encounter the dried remains of throw-up. On the sheets, on the sleeping wedge, on her blanket, on the plush dog she snuggles at night. Sometime between bedtime and getting up, she coughed enough to vomit. We didn't even know, and I have no idea when it happened. My poor wunchie spent some part of last night lying in throw-up.

Oh sweetie, I'm so so sorry!

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Amanda Moore said...

In an unpleasant coincidence... Henry apparently came down with a stomach bug some time after going to bed last night. He also threw up all over his bed, and we didn't discover it until a few hours later when we looked in on him before going to bed ourselves. Needless to say, we didn't exactly get to bed then, as we had to wash baby, sheets, clothes, etc. and then stay up to help him through more heaves.

Yes, Maria, it is a bad feeling to find your sweet baby asleep in vomit.