Dec 31, 2006

Our Christmas Season 2006: A New Paradigm

In the midst of trying to get everything "done" by that magical date -- Christmas Eve -- I started reflecting on the meaning of the phrase "the Christmas season". I've always thought (or at least acted like) that the "season" meant December with its superhyped lead-up to the 25th. Thus, there was always this tremendous pressure to pack all the requisite Christmas activities into December 1-24, and if it didn't get done by then, we just had to wait until next year.

However, as our community has considered and experienced Advent, I've realized that the Christmas season actually begins on Christmas Day and continues until Epiphany. So, we actually have until January 5th to celebrate and enjoy the tree, the food, the cards (receiving AND sending!), the presents, the carols, everything.

So, in the spirit of a great holiday song, I will chronicle our season within the framework of the 12 days of Christmas. Stay tuned!

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