Dec 31, 2006

On the Second Day of Christmas...

... we traveled from Texas to Colorado to celebrate an early Christmas with our relatives there. We continued to weather our bouts of multiple illness; Miranda developed a double ear infection and pinkeye, but somehow we made it through. We exchanged presents and had our usual laugh-fest over clever buttons and other stocking stuffers. (When we get together, Mom, Ellery and I really crack each other up. Creig and Billy sit patiently and wait for us to finish.) Some of this year's stocking highlights included "Next to the Last Supper" gum and matches, and some "W" joke items that are too vulgar to publish here.

We also spent time with Billy's family in Colorado Springs, which was really nice. Billy's grandmother is quite amazing, being 86 years old and still living on her own.

Miranda was quite taken with the stairs at my sister's house, and enjoying getting to know her cousins Lauren and Ava. There were a few... negotiations over toys and whatnot, but it was really fun to watch them together. I also watched my first episodes of the TV show "Pingu", which is strange and fun!

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