Jan 2, 2007

On the Third Day of Christmas...

... we decorated the house for what is probably the last time. For the last seven years, Billy and I have decorated for Christmas -- sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. This year, early December was very hectic, and we got such a late start that I almost decided not to take the trouble. But, this is very likely the last Christmas we'll have at 701 Golfview, and I couldn't stand the thought of going out with a whimper. So, I simmered cinnamon and cloves while John got the boxes out of the garage, and Miranda played with the packing paper while we taped Christmas cards to the door and arranged the nativity scenes. It was a great day, and wasn't nearly as difficult as I had imagined. And Billy enjoyed arriving home to some holiday cheer!

Decorating committee, chair and co-chair

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Ashley Pollard said...

Cute picture and caption....Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Years! Hope to see you soon!