Jan 29, 2007

Eatin' In (2nd Installment)

We've been trying to eat in for a few weeks now, and it's been interesting. We began by looking more closely at our cupboard, fridge, and freezer, trying to see what's really there. It's actually pretty amazing how we just look past certain things, never really considering them as eatable. But when we change our expectations about what constitutes a meal, it opens up all sorts of options.

We are considering having a weekly menu; our friends the Browns do this and their meals run really smoothly (at least to the outside observer). You know: Monday is soup, Tuesday is italian, Wednesday beans & rice, etc etc. But our schedule is pretty unpredictable; between occasional date nights, occasional night meetings, meals with friends -- how will this really work? Perhaps we'll try it anyway.

One thing we've done twice since beginning is Leftover Night. You know, those bowls covered in foil or nondescript tupperware containers, holding who knows what. Well, as long as you label them with dates (or really, really trust your memory), this meal works surprisingly well. It's fun to sit down to several small bowls of various stuff, perhaps supplemented with a bit of cereal or toast or PBJ squares. We're going to keep this up for sure.

Tonight we're having a recipe for spicy bean dip, hopefully modified to make bean & cheese quesadillas, plus a green salad. Yum!

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