Jan 6, 2007

On the Eighth Day of Christmas...

... we celebrated the culmination of the Advent Season and the arrival of Christ with a lovely Christmas Eve gathering. Folks from Communality gathered at the Samsons' home (formerly the Third Street House) for a simple yet meaningful liturgy and a fabulous potluck meal. My favorite part was the kids proudly exhibiting and explaining the Jesse Tree ornaments they had created. Some of the best Scripture discussion I've heard in a while, even if their references weren't always spot-on!

Miranda was lovely in a bright red-and-green plaid dress and tights; she looked like a little Christmas ribbon. She loved all the activity and had possibly her most diverse meal to date, featuring roast goose, venison hash, and oyster dressing. Our little foodie!

See here for pictures and here for the Samsons' blog account of the lovely evening.

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