Jan 4, 2007

On the Fifth Day of Christmas...

... I decided to dress Miranda for the occasion, as many days as I could. I have several holiday dresses, both from consignment and from my sister's twins, so the pickings were plentiful. The most beautiful of them she wore on Christmas Eve, but I forgot to get a picture. I'll re-dress her in it and take a picture to add later -- she was beautiful! Here are the ones I have captured on film.

I've already posted this pic. Miranda was very festive in a dark plaid smocked dress with lovely deep greens and reds.

This was last year's family picture dress. Notice the little Santas in the smocking. Too precious.

This is borrowed from my sister, and is my personal favorite. I love the sweet red plaid and the little nutcrackers in the smocking. It also coordinates well with the book she's perusing, Solzhenitsyn's The First Circle.

This is Billy's favorite, which I picked up at consignment. It's very plush and has a cute little Santa hat to match, which she refuses to wear.

Frankly, I'm not sure Miranda was partial to any of these outfits; she seems to prefer staying in her jammies.

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