Mar 24, 2008

The Chronicles of Wunchie

Time for some catch-up posting on the Wunchie. As has happened before, her verbal skills took a major leap while I was in England (or maybe it's just being away that makes the change seem so abrupt!). Billy & I have recorded some wonderful little conversations and observations.


(Billy) Miranda, is Bambi finished?

(Miranda) Not quite yet.


(Maria) Hey there, big girl!

(Miranda) I'm not a big girl.

(Maria) Then what are you?

(Miranda) I'm a munchie!

(Maria) Ok, and what am I?

(Miranda) You're Momma Mia!


Billy and Miranda had just finished watching a Bugs Bunny cartoon, where Yosemite Sam is harrassing Bugs. Bugs rescues Sam from a shark, but won't pull him into the boat until they "make a deal." Sam says, "No deal!", but changes his mind after Bugs lowers him back into the water. With the stage thus set, and amidst cries of protest, Billy turns off the TV...

(Billy) Ok, wunchie, time for a bath.

(Miranda) No deal!!!


Miranda and Marie are out walking in our neighborhood...

(Miranda) Look, Marie, a bird's nest.

(Marie) Yes, Mirada, thats a bird's nest.

(Miranda) I want the nest, please?

(Marie) No, honey, the birds need that nest to stay there.

(Miranda) ... that's ok, my daddy will come get the nest for me, and take it home and put it in my room.

...What???? how many clauses does that sentence have??


And perhaps the best yet... on Easter morning, Billy greeted Miranda with the following...

(Billy) Happy Easter, Munchie! He is risen!

(Miranda) Daddy, are you risen? (...pause...) You're not risen.


melinda said...

that last one cracked me up!!!

Janet said...

Oh, where are our babies? I said something to William the other day about my baby boy and he said, "I'm not a baby boy, I'm William!"

The camel riding was at the Knoxville Zoo.