Mar 6, 2008

OTP (4), Day 1 -- Is is that time again?

On my last post, several of you left a variation of this comment: "Are you headed back to England already???" And that's pretty much how I feel about it, too.

How did time go so fast? It seems like I just got back from Durham a few weeks ago, and here I am, back at O'Hare Airport. The last few trips, I've been fortunate to find fares out of Lexington that are lower than Cincinnati, so the trip begins that much easier. Billy & the munchie took me to the airport at 9am, where I kissed the one and attempted to kiss the other (who was distracted by the impending pick-up of her favorite person, Marie). For once, flying into Chicago was uneventful, and I slept the whole way (to the nice lady sitting next to me, trying to chat -- sorry). I stopped at Chili's for a buffalo chicken sandwich, smiled proudly when the waitress admired my screensaver of Miranda, chatted with my sister Ellery, and headed to the international concourse. And here I am, sipping a latte and trying to find an outlet so I can charge my computer, waiting to board my flight to Heathrow at 6pm.

Boring so far. More updates later. Meanwhile, I might do some catch-up posting on things I've been neglecting over the last few months.

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Janet said...

Wow. Glad you had a good start to the trip. Hope you found an outlet.