Mar 11, 2008

OTP (4) -- Images and updates from home

Billy sent an email this morning, describing the following conversation between Miranda and himself as they drove to get Miss Marie. Wow, what a munchie.

wunchie: Where's my dog?
daddy: I'm sorry honey, we had to find Charlie a new home.
wunchie: Charlie made mommy sick.
Daddy: yes, charlie's hair made mommy sick.
wunchie: I want my mommy.
daddy: mommy is at school honey, she will be home next week.
wunchie: mommy went on airplane.
daddy: yes, mommy went on the airplane.
wunchie: i go on airplane with mommy.

It was the most interactive conversation that I've ever had with her, simply astonishing. She is really making another big leap in her understanding of language. Otherwise, she's waited for your departure to begin climbing out of the crib and greeting me at least every other morning. This morning I heard a crisp, efficient, little "bump," and then the enthusiastic footsteps powering a small frame through the door and into our room, "Hi daddy...I miss you daddy!"

Here are some pics Billy sent yesterday, along with captions.

If I can't nap at home in my crib, I'll just have to make do behind a chair in Daddy's office.

"Snow! Snow!"

Hmmm... we're not sure about this.

Go away.

Go away!

I'm asleep!!!


Janet said...

I'm sorry about Charlie. William's been climbing out of his crib too. It's a conspiracy!

MeesheMama said...

The little red riding hood coat is darling!

Conversations with little people really make them seem just like, well, little, short, uh, people.