Mar 17, 2008

OTP (4), Days 10-11 -- Cuttin' Class in London

What I should have done on Saturday was this. But what I wanted to do was this, followed by this -- and so I did.

Friday afternoon, after a very encouraging meeting with Robert, I caught the train down to London. It was a special treat to run into Margaret and Jamie at the train station, and give them a big hug and say "Can't wait 'til next time!" and all that. I dozed and read, and dozed some more, arriving into King's Cross around 8pm. I grabbed another yummy brie & cranberry sandwich and travelled on to the Turners' home in Hackney. I arrived in time to have a cup of tea with Andy and Millie, as Eve was in bed, and Rachel & Jess were out of town.

Saturday morning was a nice lie-in, sleeping until after 9am. I piddled around online, drank more tea, then headed into the city for the matinee of Spamalot, which I've wanted to see since last November. It was fun, in an over-the-top kind of way. (Not quite as fabulous as the original movie, but that's almost impossible.) It was fun to see how they wove bits from their other movies & skits into the show, things you wouldn't catch if you weren't familiar with their stuff. Afterwards, I walked through Covent Garden for a while on my way to dinner at Rules, billed as "the oldest restaurant in London" and very popular with the after-theatre crowd. (Those bits from the menu in my last post were from there.) It was a truly fabulous meal -- crab and lobster bisque, then steak diane with minted new potatoes, then finish with coffee and creme brulee with chocolate macaroons. Oh, wow. Thanks so much, Dad. After a walk in the rain from the subway, I went soundly to sleep.

Sunday was another quiet morning, tea and toast and the novel Atonement (which Billy & I saw at the movies and loved). After church, the Turners & I went to a local indoor pool, where Andy & the girls splashed, and Rachel and I went on a long walk along the canals in the Docklands area. We talked and talked and talked, about parenthood and marriage and the Olympics and everything. It was just wonderful. Afterwards, we returned home and made tea (dinner). Their weeklong visitor John brought a bottle of Shiraz, I got some wonderful chicken & lamb & salad from the kebab place on the corner, and Rachel made basmati rice and a beautiful tomato cream sauce. It was a feast, and very stone-soup in its concoction. We heard about John's travels to Dubai the next day, to lead a small production at DUCTAC, the Duabi Community Theatre & Arts Centre. After helping with the washing-up (again, used far too much dish soap! Maybe I need a tutorial?), I packed and took a bath and headed to bed.

Another nice weekend in Hackney. Already looking forward to the next one.

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lara said...

"I'm not dead yet!"- one of my patients told me this the other day.