Mar 19, 2007

OTP (2), Day 5 -- Oxford Blues

On Saturday I travelled to Oxford for the postgraduate forum of the Society for the Study of Christian Ethics. It was a great opportunity to gather with other postgraduates, discuss papers, and attend a few workshops on the postgraduate life (reading primary texts, building an academic career).

I also made some new friends and was able to attend part of Oxfordshire 2007, a celebration of the county being 1000 years old. That"s pretty impressive! There were lots and lots of light displays, strange configurations of burning pots and some good live music, Celtic in tone. We also took in a great Italian meal and walked through old Oxford. It was an interesting mix of folks -- one Dutch, one Argentinian, one Romanian, and two from the US. No native British in this British program! Bizarre.

We hung around until after 10PM, when Liviu (from Romania) and I hopped a train back to London. I walked the 100 yards to my hotel, packed for the next day"s journey, and collapsed.

Daily highlights:

  • feeling more immersed in the life of the postgraduate, and discussing those issues with fellow postgrads
  • hearing about ethical issues from non-Westerners.
  • wandering around during the celebration, enjoying the lights and music

No anti-highlights!


lara said...

sounds amazing. sorry you have been so tired. i hope your trip ends well. when are you returning? we'll be seeing you very soon!! crunchie is so big!

MeesheMama said...

Where are you??

Ashley said...

Thinking of you during your journey! Sorry to hear about your baby's boo boo.

Huthouse said...

Maria, good to get your comment. I thought I'd return with a comment. Good to see that you are traveling and I will read more of your blog to figure it all out. God bless and say 'hi' to Billy for me.

Michael the Hutt