Mar 31, 2007

OTP (2), Days 6-8 -- Krakow days, Krakow haze

This is a pretty amazing city. I've actualy spent the majority of my time visiting churches and enjoying the rich religious and cultural heritage of Poland. (How's that for an obvious statement?) On Sunday, I arrived in early afternoon and caught a bus to travel the 15km into town. Once I located the Cracow Hostel, I checked into my private (at least for now) room and took a nap. But I didn't want to sit around in this fabulous city, so I roused myself and went out for the evening.

The hostel is great; it's located right on the Stare Miasto (Old Town Square) in a renovated home. (The rooms are spacious and clean, although the stairwell smells somewhat of sewage. Hmmm.) I stepped outside the door and walked a short 50 m to the Cloth Market and past that to the 14th-century church nestled between two flower markets. Nice.

After wandering through the craft markets and doing a bit of shopping, I walked to St. Mary's Church,

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