Mar 5, 2007

The wonders of modern technology?

I love this picture because, in addition to that awful fracture in her little tibia, it showcases those sweet, scrunchie little rolls of baby fat! Are those thighs the most adorable things you've seen, or what?

Upon sharing this with a coworker, he mused, "Wonder if that works with mammograms, too?"
Whatever, Greg.


Lazymom said...

Those cute little chunky thighs.
If only they were as cute on a 37 year old woman. When DOES that stop being cute anyway????

Hope she is doing alright.

billy said...

This is absolute ultimo art, the most incredible picture of the "mini-maria" thigh that could ever be conceived! I love this atomic photo.....we'll miss you but are glad for the fun that you'll be having in the UK and Poland........Love, Billy