Mar 18, 2007

OTP Highlights of each and every day

Here are a few images that are keeping Mommy going. Captions are courtesy of Daddy.

"Reaching up, saying Mommy"
"Serious business call"

"No paparazzi, please"

"Wunchie reading picnic"

"Bring u sacrifice"
(Someone did suggest that this could also be "The Good Shepherd" -- do we feel particularly Old Testament or New Testament today?)

1 comment:

billy said...

Thanks for posting these photos honey.....they make me feel like falling in love with her (and you) all over again. It has been nice to have some extra time with her. Tracey, as usual, has been tremendously helpful and deserves a massive amount of credit in making things work while your absent. Today she is going to lock in her apartment and I'm very excited for her. Looking forward to seeing you soon.......