Mar 9, 2007

Progressing through Lent

Someone reminded me that I'd promised in my Ash Wednesday post to talk more about what we're giving up for Lent. Here it is, sorry for the delay.

For the second year, we've decided not to drink any liquids besides water. (This is not a "water fast", where you only have water, no food or anything.) Last year, we had the idea to fast from other liquids, and save that money to give towards a water-availability project in Uganda. It was a great way to combine the sacrificial component of Lent with an area of social justice. So, this year several of us have recommitted to this project.

This fast impacts people in different ways, and we're all forgoing different pleasures. The pleasure and social nature of a bottle of beer or glass of wine. The oh-so-ready availability of soft drinks. The invigoration of that first cup of coffee. The comfort of a cup of tea as you read a book in the evening. The sweetness of juice with your toast.

For me, it's almost all of the above. I love soft drinks, I love tea, I like coffee. This is going to be good for me, but I will definitely feel it. Which probably means I've made a good choice.

Billy and I are also trying to eat somewhat more simply during this liturgical season, but due to our busy schedules and trying to sell our home, our eating has been somewhat haphazard. But, it's still good to bring an awareness of the value of simplicity to the table. We don't need extravagant meals evey night, or every other night, or probably more than once a week or so. They should become more of a treat than an expectation. There's a lot I could process on this point, but it'll have to wait!

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