Jul 1, 2008

Go well, dear brother

August 2007: I love this picture -- affection and trust (or was it just the 3 of us being squashed in the truck??)

June 2008: Paint paint paint!

March 2008: John always made sure that Miranda wouldn't fall. He took very good care of her.

Sept 2006: All the neighborhood kids liked John.

July 2006: The Trifecta Trio (Billy, Mike & John) and their mascot, the Wunchinator.

December 2006: Munchie shares her scarf with her buddy.

December 2007: The beautiful shadowbox of Ghanaian items, which my family collaborated to create for him.

February 2007: Reading with Munchie. She always liked that.

December 2006: Santa brings some of John's favorites in his stocking.

January 2006: Miranda's first trip to a beer garden, where she hangs out with the only non-drinker!

Summer 2004: Billy & Troy are good pals.

October 2005: John and the Munchie.

August 2006: Eating at "Country Cookin', by George!" with Maria & Miranda, on the 4th anniversary of his moving in with us.

December 2006: Decorating committee, chair and co-chair.

March 2007: We celebrate John's 40th birthday.

December 2006: John helps Miranda take a spin on her new tricycle.

This is how I always think of John -- smiling. We're so glad you're our friend, and we trust God to keep us so for a long time.


meeshemama said...

Wow. Really tough decision.

Blessings, JFK.

billy said...

I want to thank my amazing wife for the incredible care and attention that she has shown for John for so many years....truly an example to me of what it means to love and care for someone through good and bad....this is one of the most difficult things that I've ever done, and words fail for the moment....but I want to thank Ryan for walking through this morning with us and being a comforter and friend in a troubling time....truly, you were our provision today and we thank you...and to everyone who has supported us in this grand experiment of love and truth....though very tough right now we know that we fought the good fight and that love will always prevail in the end if we allow it....thanks....

Janet said...

That first picture is heart-rending. Wishing everyone well.

MeesheMama said...

Upon thinking about it further, I think the decision was probably easier than the following though with it. Deep breaths, and peace, to all four of you.

Maybe a "biological family" retreat is in order?

Proud Sister Ellery said...

I know what a difficult time this has been for you, and I know that you realize (even though it may not feel like it at the moment) that you did make the right decision. What an amazing impact you have had on John (and he on you) and on others in your amazing example of love and selflesness. God will hold John in His hands and he has trusted you to help Him with over the past 6 years. We are praying for peace for ALL of you. Love you.