Jul 15, 2008

Summer outings with friends: Flushed Away

Miranda & I spent yesterday morning at the movies with her buddy, Isaac. (Here's a great post Billy did about their blossoming friendship.) We saw Flushed Away, a fun film about a posh pet rat from the royal London suburb of Kensington who gets swept down the toilet and into the hubbub of the rat city in the sewer. It was clever at several levels, a trend which I've seen growing in children's movies, I suppose in an attempt to also appeal to the parents who take their kids to those movies. Below are some awesome quotes from the film.

  • (spoken by the large, albino rat) Yeah, curry affects me the same way, guv'nor. I've got a bum today like the Japanese Flag.


  • Whitey: [after spotting the ruby in Rita'a back pocket] The booty's in the booty!


  • Tadpole: Is it the Glorious Amphibian Dawn, Dad?

  • Toad: Anything for you, my little man.

  • Tadpole: Can I have a pony?

  • Toad: No.

  • Tadpole: A puppy?

  • Toad: We'll talk about it.

  • Tadpole: Can we talk about it now?

  • Toad: No! [All the tadpoles start asking for puppies]

  • Toad: No, you can't all have puppies! Please, daddy's working!


  • Toad: You find my pain amusing?

  • Le Frog: I find everyone's pain amusing, except my own... I'm French!


  • Le Frog: We leave immediately!

  • Henchfrog: What about dinner?

  • Le Frog: We leave... in five hours.


Janet said...

Oh, I was all set to ignore that one, but now I'll have to check it out! Funny quotes.

Anonymous said...

Maria -- you are killing me! (as your sister might say) We LOVE Flushed Away in our house. Rip may have seen it 20 times. We saw it twice in the theatre. My favorite line:
"So you're from up top, eh? I used to work in a laboratory up top. Yeah, big shampoo job. I was dark grey when we started. Still, it cleared up me dandruff." That of course was the albino rat Whitey.

Great seeing you this past week and getting to meet Miranda in person (and also watching a little trash tv with you too:))

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