Jul 13, 2008

Summertime pics, vol.1 -- Summertime BBQ

I shamelessly stole the idea of summertime pics from Caren (but she borrowed it from another friend, so I suppose it's ok). Instead of trying to completely chronicle every occurrence of the past few months, I'll bring in some pics and try to give some glimpses of the fun things we've done lately.

Speaking of stolen, pretty much this entire post came from the ashram. Our friends the Nystroms hosted a summer barbeque for an Iraqi family, newly arrived as refugees and sponsered by our community. Omar, Suhair, and Yousef are lovely and blended easily into the evening's program of burgers, swimming, forest exploration, cornhole, and catching fireflies. They will hopefully be coming to our place soon for hot dogs and swingset revelry.

Cornhole, anyone?

Graham, Isaac, Ya 'el, Yousef, and Miranda

That's a funny face, Asher!

Graham & Isaac proudly display their catch

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