Nov 27, 2007

Catchin' Up -- Communality retreat

When you get as far behind on your blog as I did between May and November, just getting started again can feel overwhelming. Do you jump in wherever you are, or do you attempt to backtrack and cover some of the things which went unchronicled? Well, I did the former, and now I'll attempt the latter. They probably won't be in any particular order, just as I find pictures or remember stories which are blogworthy.

So, here's the first. I found the most precious picture of Miranda on Billy's desk today (see above). It's of Miranda holding a hammer (I call it "Still Life with Hammer") during the annual Communality retreat this September. We drove east to beautiful Letcher County, where we spent the weekend working with ECCO, Eolia Christian Community Outreach. We extended a porch and added some steps to the community center, sorted clothes for a community yard sale, and generally enjoyed the fall weekend in gorgeous Appalachia. Here's a quick pictoral journey through the weekend. Photos and some captions are courtesy of Geoff Maddock, who takes great pictures.

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