Nov 14, 2007

OTP (3) -- A wonderful story from home

I received an email from Billy today, which contained the most amazing account of our little girl's growth and experiences of the world. I just had to include part of his email. I'm constantly surprised at how she's becoming more and more of a person:

The time with Miranda has been great. That is not to say that it hasn't been very challenging at times, but it is very important to me to be able to make these kinds of more intensive investment in her. She is really testing all of the boundaries, taking her arms out of the car seat, fighting gettting into the car seat, running from me when I try to put her into the car, and various other kinds of mischief. She really is a mixture of incredible sweetness and defiance at this point, and again I have to remind myself to rejoice in the fact that she is so alive and full of vitality. Our little shark, which Miranda seems to really love, looked sick last night and seemed to be on the way out of this world. So, we prayed for him, and after a couple of minutes, I heard Miranda saying "look daddy, cark..." The shark had seemingly revived and was behaving normally. That was a really cool experience. This morning the shark seemed okay and Miranda said "Cark sick." Cool stuff...

I realized that in the first draft of this post, I used the word 'amazing' 4 times. Which is neat, as 'Miranda' means admirable, amazing, extraordinary. All of which I find her to be!

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billy said...


We're definitely missing you but trying to make the most of the extra time that we have together. Thanks for taking the time to update us on the the blog. The 'pigsperient' quote was supposed to be 'pigsperiment,' a combinatioin of "pig" + "experiment" signifying the game that Miranda was playing with her "piggie pajamas" and the drumstick.....sometimes you lay an egg......and at some point, hopefully, it hatches! Love.....Billy